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Providing a Skin Consultation at Vista Clinic our solutions focus on two outcomes — they are designed to bring out the best in your appearance and the best in you.



Skin Consultation Procedure

Your first visit with us will be lengthier than subsequent visits, as we need to get to know you thoroughly as a patient. During this first appointment we will discuss your needs and medical history.


How Long will the skin consultation last?

All of this takes time, so please be prepared for an appointment of about 30 minutes duration.

Because every case is different, it is impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate over the phone. Appearances are often deceiving: what looks simple to you may actually be more complicated to treat, and what looks complicated may actually be simple to treat. We allow the time for the attention to detail necessary to make an accurate assessment, and to answer any questions you may have before you leave us.

Skin Consultations with your Aesthetic Medical Professional are Free of Charge. At your consultation we will provide you with a comprehensive review of our discussions and provide you with extensive information about all aspects of the treatment and a cost estimate.


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