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At Vista Clinic in Dublin we tailor our medical aesthetic services to suit your needs. We can offer solutions to all type of skin concerns and talk about skin care. Our staff are trained to the highest standards and offer you bespoke attention and aesthetic treatments such as Medical Micro-Needling, Lip Fillers, Cheek FillersHair Loss TreatmentsPRP Platelets Rich Plasma (Vampire Facial), the latest technology for Vitamins and Peptides Skin Infusions, Dermal Fillers, Advanced Skin Care Products and more.

Aesthetic Treatments

Lip Filler Prices

0.5ml Lip Filler: €200

1 ml Lip Filler: €275

Smoker Lines: €275

Lip Corner: €190

Marionette Lines: €275

Chin Augmentation: €275

Cheek Filler Prices

Cheek Filler: 1ml – €275

Smile Lines / Nasolabial folds: €275


Under Eye Treatment

Under Eye Dark Circles: €300

Platelet Rich Plasma: PRP Vampire Facial Prices

Face treatments: €300

Face and neck Treatment: €425

Hair Loss Treatment Prices

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP): €300

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) + Microneedling: €400

Medical Skin Peel Prices

Face skin peel: €75

Face and neck skin peel: €115

Medical Micro Needling Price

Face treatment: €175

Face and neck treatment: €225

Face, neck and decollegate treatment: €275

Neck only: €125

Decollagate only: €125

To include hands treatment add: €75


I was very impressed with 3D skin analysis. The girl talked me through the scanning process and Environ products range giving me a good understanding of the brand and products suitable to my skin needs.
I was able to see where my skin needs improvement and also was advised how to achieve the great results by using Environ range. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.


Stillorgan, Dublin

My daughter has had terrible pimples/acne on her forehead and was getting teased in school etc. I went to see Gihovana in Vista Clinic to see if she could help as we had tried everything to clear my daughters head. Not only did she sit down and explain to us all about the skin and how what we eat affects our skin and she prescribed an Vitamin A based cream to use three times a day and a solution to cleanse her skin, within two weeks we had amazing results I couldn’t believe the difference,you could actually see my daughters forehead again. I would highly recommend you pay a visit to the clinic.


Delgany, Wicklow

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